Rug Cleaning Service

Does your rug look dirty, tired and has doggy smells. Well, you may be thinking of replacing your rug or rugs but there is another way! Did you know that a rug can be cleaned and restored to the nice fluffy clean-smelling rug you used to know and love!
Rugs can have many problems like drink spill stains, pet stains or just general dirt soiling. We deep clean, deep down into the pile to remove all types of dirt and grit. The biggest problem we see with rugs is dog urine. We can solve this type of staining, leaving them fresh smelling again. We can also clean and lighten rug fringes or tassels.
We can clean your rugs in situ or take them away to be cleaned. Rug cleaning is a specialist profession so please call a professional rug cleaner like us today!