Curry Stain Removal from Carpet!

We were asked if we could try and remove a curry stain from a bedroom carpet. The customer did not have much hope that the stain would come out!
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We informed the customer beforehand that curry stains are very difficult to remove but we would try our best.
Depending on the type of carpet fibre, curry can permanently dye the carpet. The food colouring chemicals in the curry can change the colour of the fibre for good so removing the stain can be tricky.
The photos show the before and after results of our expert carpet cleaning. The customer was over the moon, to say the least, and said it was like having a new carpet!
We had to make sure that not only was the dye removed but that we had extracted any other parts of the stain completely. The customer was very happy and we have saved her a small fortune in not now needing to buy a new carpet!