Carpet Odour Issues

One of the many issues we come across with carpet cleaning is odour problems. This can be caused by many factors –
*Pets ( Cat and doggie smells)
*Drink Spillage ( Milk is usually the main culprit )
*Damp ( Mildew etc )
*Floods or leaks!
There is no one size fit’s all method with this type of problem and there is no guarantee that the issue can be 100{ad406bbff823065935c15e2bd41e236637fde00bc3cf37099fb53d7454f9119c} cured.
Dog smells or urine odour issues can prove very difficult to remove totally. The urine can go straight through to the backing and soil the underlay and even penetrate the sub-floor. We can use a mixture of deodorizers and antibacterial solutions to tackle odour problems. The aim is to not just mask the odour but kill the germs associated with it. After applying these solutions we can then deep clean the area with our powerful carpet cleaning machines. This method works in about 95{ad406bbff823065935c15e2bd41e236637fde00bc3cf37099fb53d7454f9119c} of cases but if too much of the problem odour has gone through to the backing and beyond then the only way to solve it is by replacing the carpet and underlay and disinfecting the sub-floor before the laying of a new carpet.