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Full House Special

We are offering for April only a full house special offer for carpet cleaning. Yes you can have your whole house carpets deep cleaned from just £80 !!!! The offer prices are - Full 2 Bedroom House = £80 - Full 3 Bedroom House = £90 - Full 4 Bedroom House =£100 !!!!

That's about 80% off our normal prices! A massive discount and the best offer we have had here at Blackburn Carpet Clean.

We are very busy and this offer is for April only so don't delay and call today!

Discount Carpet Cleaning

Hi and welcome to our new blog page at Blackburn Carpet Clean. On here we will be keeping you up to date with all our latest promotion offers as well as some interesting information. We have one offer on at the moment which is 3 rooms for just £59. This is a great value for money special offer and has been very popular in the past. The 3 carpets can be anywhere in your home and any condition. You will be amazed and surprised on how well your carpets come clean with our methods and we have a very loyal customer base who use us on a regular basis.