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How To Remove A Red WIne Stain From Your Carpet!
Curry Stain Removal from Carpet!
Rug Cleaning Service
Why You Should Have Your Carpet Cleaned On a Regular Basis
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How To Remove A Red WIne Stain From Your Carpet!

How To Remove Red Wine Stains From a Carpet!

We are often called out to remove wine stains, especially red wine stains. In fact i would say it's one of the most common issues for a professional carpet cleaner.

The main reason why red wine spillages are commonplace is probably because the customer is had a few to many lol but i will not get into that :-)

Imagine sitting down and relaxing holding a glass of red while watching GoogleBox on the telly .... you hear something funny and in a fit of laughter you spill the red wine all over your nice new cream carpet!

Curry Stain Removal from Carpet!

We where asked if we could try and remove a curry stain from a bedroom carpet. The customer did not have much hope that the stain would come out!

We informed the customer before hand that curry stains are very difficult to remove but we would try our best.

Depending on the type of carpet fibre, curry can permanently dye the carpet. The food colouring chemicals in the curry can change the fibres colour for good so removing the stain can be tricky.

The photos show the before and after results of our expert carpet cleaning.

Rug Cleaning Service

Does your rug look dirty, tired and has doggy smells. Well you may be thinking of replacing your rug or rugs but their is another way! Did you know that a rug can be cleaned and restored to the nice fluffy clean smelling rug you used to know and love!

Rugs can have many problems like drink spill stains, pet stains or just general dirt soiling. We deep clean, deep down into the pile to remove all types of dirt and grit. The biggest problem we see with rugs is dog urine. We can solve this type of staining, leaving them fresh smelling again.

Why You Should Have Your Carpet Cleaned On a Regular Basis

If you don't have your carpet cleaned on a regular basis then you could be exposing yourself to various forms of bacteria and health problems as well. On top of this, you will also find that you can contribute to existing health problems, such as asthma, allergies and more. If you want to avoid these problems then you need to make sure that you have your carpet cleaned every 4 months or so, as this will help to kill any bacteria that might be present as well as making sure that you are as healthy as you can be in your own home.

Carpet Odour Issues.

One of the many issues we come across with carpet cleaning is odour problems. This can be caused by many factors -

*Pets ( Cat and doggie smells)

*Drink Spillage ( Milk is usually the main culprit )

*Damp ( Mildew ect )

*Floods or leaks!

Their is no one size fit's all method with this type of problem and their is no guarantee that the issue can be 100% cured.

Dog smells or urine odour issues can prove very difficult to remove totally. The urine can go straight through to the backing and soil the underlay and even penetrate the sub-floor.


Over the last year we have become aware of companies offering carpet cleaning who have no training whatsoever and are using inadequate machinery. This seems to be a growing problem not just in the carpet and upholstery cleaning trade but all types of trade services. You may believe that cleaning your carpets is not “rocket science” but truth is that you would be surprised in how difficult it is with out causing any damage. In fact all of our staff have been on a off site training course and are then chaperoned by an experienced operator for 12 months before they are signed off to clean carpets on their own.

New Video Intro!

Hi. I would just like to let you know that we have just put up a new video on our home page. Here it is -

Full House Special

We are offering for April only a full house special offer for carpet cleaning. Yes you can have your whole house carpets deep cleaned from just £80 !!!! The offer prices are - Full 2 Bedroom House = £80 - Full 3 Bedroom House = £90 - Full 4 Bedroom House =£100 !!!!

That's about 80% off our normal prices! A massive discount and the best offer we have had here at Blackburn Carpet Clean.

We are very busy and this offer is for April only so don't delay and call today!

Discount Carpet Cleaning

Hi and welcome to our new blog page at Blackburn Carpet Clean. On here we will be keeping you up to date with all our latest promotion offers as well as some interesting information. We have one offer on at the moment which is 3 rooms for just £59. This is a great value for money special offer and has been very popular in the past. The 3 carpets can be anywhere in your home and any condition. You will be amazed and surprised on how well your carpets come clean with our methods and we have a very loyal customer base who use us on a regular basis.