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Why Choose us to clean your Carpets in Blackburn.
We are 100% professional,courteous and dependable.We offer a free no-obligation evalulation and survey of your carpets to assess the best method of cleaning,
looking for carpet cleaning Blackburn then look no further than us to clean your carpets and rugs. We deal with many types of carpet problems like pet stains and smells as well as other issues like oils stains. We can clean carpets for landlords, estate agents and letting agents. Commercial carpet cleaning enquiries are also welcome. Why not call us today for a free estimate. CALL TODAY - 01254 370037


Step One - Pre Carpet Fibre Inspection

Before we even start the carpet cleaning process we fully inspect the carpet fibres and backing to determine the type of cleaning and if the carpet is safe to clean.

Step Two - Moving Furniture

When you call us we will give you two quotes. One will be for moving furniture and the other will be for leaving the furniture in place. We can move sofa's, chairs and tables. We can not move wardrobes, dressers, electrical items like televisions ect.

Step Three - Vacuum

If needed we will vacuum first using a professional hoover on your carpet area to remove dust, dirt, soil, mites and we will get in all of the corners and edges.

Step Five – Pre-Stain and Spot Treatment

Stain or spot removal is a bit of an art form and you should never try to remove stains yourself because it can lead to bleaching or coulour fade/run along with many other problems like backing bleed problems.

Step Six - Pre-Spraying

The next step is to pre-spray the carpet with a solution chosen for your particular fibre and type of stains. This breaks down any ingrained dirt left after hovering.

Step Seven - Agitation

After pre-spray we agitate the carpet or rug to help the pre-spray loosen any soil deep down in the pile. We use special equipment for this process that only professionals use and feel we have only the best agitation equipment.

Step Eight - Extraction

We then start the hot water extraction process. We use state of the art equipment to send hot water deep into the pile while also extracting the water at the same time with large vacuums in the machine. We use the most powerful machines in the Blackburn and Darwen area and we never use rug doctor's or karchers.

Step Nine - Post Stain Treatment

After extraction we will inspect your carpet for any spots or stains that may be left behind after the extraction stage. Post stains will be treated and removed if at all possible with our special products that are safe to use after cleaning.

Step Ten – Finishing Touches

After post inspection we move any furniture back and groom your carpet. We can also protect the area if you chose this option. We will also show you the cleaned area after to make sure you are totally happy with your fresh and clean carpets.

We guarantee no shrinkage of your carpets
We are fully trained & certified to the highest standard
We wear a company uniform and treat customers with respect
Please feel free to call today for any advice or to book a survey.
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